One good thing about this song
it’s about the brave and strong
working out who’s right and wrong
is hardly likely to take you long
and if you like you can sing along.

I was in this country town
where farmers smile and never frown
though it seems beyond belief
everyone there I’m told, eats beef.
Some fellow on the radio
spoke about a Rodeo
he said there’d be bucking bulls
lots of excitement, spills and thrills.
He said everyone should go
and he’s a local he should know.

I didn’t want to be a pest
I was staying at the Traveller’s Rest.
I’m a city chappie – yes I am
if I have to buck jump something
I’d rather buck a ram.
I’m all right on the old golf course,
if you got me on a bucking horse
I’d wind up in the local hearse.

When I arrived at this country fair
nearly everyone from town was there.
I was told there’s lots of prizes,
just hold on and no surprises.
My cousin said there’s nothing to it ,
yes, he reckoned I could do it,
his wife said that I would shoe it-
so I thought I may as well try it.

The bull was old – his coat was grey.
Just hold the rope and hope to stay
I had a drink to get Dutch courage
I should have stuck to eating porridge.
I got on the bull without a care
the gate flung open-
then cold despair.
The crowd roared as I just sat there
and very soon I was in the air.
The bull was old, his coat was grey-
never knew Brahmans were born that way.

I suppose that you knew it
I guess that I really blew it.
The grapes are good the flowers are swell
and within six months I should be well
I’m sitting in the hospital
they say my leg is mending well.
I’ll never go to another country town
next time I leave the city smoke
it’ll be the reef and that’s no joke
but with my luck I’ll probably drown.
I’d better stick to Chardonnay,
sipping cappuccino by the quay,
catch the train to work each day
and take a good red home with me.