Abbott’s Commission of Fraudit.

Written prior to 2014 Budget – not published.

Tony (may he rot in hell) Shepherd, the Chairperson of Joe (the Slime) Hockey’s Commission of Fraudit has done what he was told to do. That is, paint a wish list for the Big End of Town. Sheppard listened carefully as mining magnates and rich property developers told him what they wanted to happen to people who are forced to rely upon below poverty line social security payments. Joe (the Slime) had told Shepherd that the age of entitlement, for ordinary citizens, is over and that they have to learn that the age of personal responsibility has begun and that poor people are going to have to do the heavy lifting if the filthy rich in this country are going to continue to live high on the hog.

Hockey will not be able to put all 86 recommendations from the Commission of Fraudit into his first budget: that would scare the horses but at least we now know what the real agenda of the Abbott/Hockey Government is. Remember the Red Gum song “If you don’t fight you lose”. None of us is getting any younger; and steading the crosshairs reveals more than a little hand tremor – so we need to mindful of the sage who advised “Don’t shoot until you can see the contempt in their eyes.