Forthright speaking

Published in ACTCOSS News, circa 2000


The views expressed in this article are not necessarily those of the General Committee.  The Executive Committee wishes to disassociate itself from such a careless rendition of ideological diatribe.

The Social Justice Task Force members do not hold such opinions.  No one in the Housing Task Force considers the ideas implicit in the analysis are an adequate reflection of their position on such matters. The Employment Task Force ceased to exist, due to the increase in unemployment, so it has not proved possible to incorporate their comments. Most members of the Mental Health Task Force feel you’d have to be mad to articulate such thoughts.  All members of the Alcohol and Drug Task Force considered that whilst the thoughts inherent in the thesis bore some vague connection with reality, that there were elements (contained within the kernel of the argument) which were more in keeping with the ramblings encountered in detoxification clinics than would be expected in a respectable research document.

Several external committees were firmly of the opinion that none of the basic conceptualisations were founded in fact. In so far as the ideas proffered by the treatise contributed anything, none of them warranted serious consideration.  Other external    committees were highly sceptical of the contribution made by the researcher.

This article was circulated prior to publication to a number of government departments and statutory bodies. There was almost universal condemnation of the methods used to obtain information, the statistics regime employed and the general approach taken.

The author and ghostwriter both wish to remain anonymous. The editor of this journal was unavailable for comment. Other staff have taken out an injunction restraining the author from associating them with the offending material.

Member agencies approached by the author were totally unable to ascertain any merit contained in the main body of the text but saw in the disclaimer preceding the analysis some glimmer of circumspection.