Howard rediscovers the family


He’s now got a passion for compassion
he sent us reeling with his feeling
when he tried to sell us, or was it tell us
that you don’t need communion with a union
we’d increase contact with an individual contract
and if we were at a loss we could listen to the boss
because he’s our family’s friend in the end.
If we are feeling pain standing out in the rain
it’s not economic strain but family gain.

Mutual obligation fixes constipation
and working for the dole purges the soul.
Howard will never fail if you’re old and frail
when it comes to kero baths* he does it for the laughs
and to show that Liberals really care – so there.
Now he’s got a passion for compassion.
He’s cute and warm and never meant to harm,
he’s our family’s friend – where will it end?

I’ve got a notion that he’s pissing in the ocean
if he thinks we’ll believe him then he’s dreaming.

*Howard’s minister for the aged defended a Sydney Nursing Home bathing the elderly in Kerosene baths.