A chosen people?

Israel is a failed state
you failed love
consumed by hate.
17 Palestinians dead
700 injured by live fire
all this on one day.

You shot,
you killed,
a Zionist desire.
Your brave solders
gunned down unarmed children.
Are these the heroes
of the Star of David?

Yes, Israel is a failed state
a wasteland incarnate.
Only the fearful build a wall
to hide their atrocities
their monstrosities
their moral downfall.

When children marched
You didn’t hesitate
to open fire – your desire
to devastate.

There is no pride in stealing land
from an impoverished people,
what is it that
you not understand?

Tanks and drones
fired on demonstrators
can this be Israel’s
finest hour?
Or does your victory
leave a taste that’s sour?


written 2/4/2018

First Published  in New Community Quarterly Vol. 16 No. 2 2018