A Superwoman for Batman

Victorian David Feeney right wing power broker who couldn’t be trusted to renounce his UK citizenship, despite lying to the Labor Party about it, which forced his resignation from the House of Representatives seat of Batman.

Labor preselected Ged Kearney, a nurse and former President of the Australian Council of Trade Unions for Batman to stand against a Green candidate Alex Bhatal standing for the 6th time in the seat. Ged Kearney is nominally aligned to the left of the Party. Bhatal is a social worker living in the area, who was ahead in the polls when the election began.

In the end Ged Kearney won with a small swing of 1.5% to Labor. I hope the Labor Party learns that picking a good strong woman who actually is determined to look after the interests of working people and those struggling in the capitalist system beats the hell out of sticking with timeserving slime bags who can’t see past their own self interests.

Labor lost in South Australia due largely to the fact they had been in power for 16 years had made a number of mistakes in the health and aged care sectors and were up against changed electoral boundaries which favoured the Liberals when compared with the previous election. The “wild” card in the election was supreme egotist tricky Nicky Xenophon who metamorphosed from being a “potential” Premier or at least “King-maker” into something resembling a damp squib by election night.

The moral of this story is always pick a strong left woman who always puts the interests of those with little power against right wing men interested only in preserving their own privileges.