Whilst the world watched Adani
an obscene woman Gina Coldfart
who has no heart
with the help of Barnaby
and Palaszczuk
is building a railway
what the fuck.

They sold their soul
to export coal
and melt the Pole.
To our disbelief
they increased our grief
disappeared the Reef
destroyed the black throat finch
they did not wince
trampling native title
said that they weren’t liable
reading from their development bible.

Please don’t distress
it will impress
all the high flyers
climate change deniers
and all those who
love driverless trains
and flooding rains
and ill-gotten gains.

The rest of us make do
with what remains
don’t talk about right and ought
they’ve built an automated port
run by automatons and robots
cheaper than workers.
The whingeing shirkers
can sit outside the gate
there might be a watchman’s job
so, tell them don’t hesitate.

written 22/1/2018

Greens Senator Andrew Bartlett 18/1/18 wrote:

Today we’ve learned that the Queensland Labor cabinet will be deciding whether to offer support for Aurizon to build a rail line that will open up the Galilee Basin to Adani and to other coal-hungry corporations that want to set up new coal mines in the region.