Australian Liberal’s worst fears realised!!!

To Scumbag Morrison’s horror, the Coalition voters contracted a terrible ailment. The majority experienced a surge of decency. One of Australia’s most affluent electorates metamorphosed into a cantankerous mob demanding that asylum seeking children and their families, incarcerated on Nauru, be brought here for immediate medical treatment after languishing on this hell hole for 5 years.

Not content with that they insisted that discrimination against LGTBI people be stopped. The Ruddock Committee for Extending the Right of Religious Institutions to Discriminate Against People on the Grounds of their Sexual Orientation had reported to the Liberal Government 5 months ago. A leak from the government indicated that one of the perks which some religious organisations wanted to retain was the right to expel students from religious schools on the grounds of their sexual orientation.

Morrison at first declared that such policy was existing law; then he said it was the naughty Labor Party which enacted such laws. When it turned out that this was not the law uniformly throughout Australia and the ALP wanted the law repealed and Labor went further and said religious institutions should no longer have the right to sack teachers in religious schools on account of their sexuality. This was a bridge too far for Scumbag & Co.

A few weeks ago, on The Insiders, David Marr noted that the same religious schools, which had put up with paedophiles in their mist for 50 years, now wanted to be able to sack teachers on account of whom they were in love with. The conservatives within the Liberal and National Parties, under the cover of “the sanctity of religious freedom” are wanting to entrench the right of religious bodies to discriminate against people because of their beliefs and sexual orientation.

The good denizens of Wentworth weren’t fooled, by such Liberal shenanigans. In one of the most disciplined examples of thoughtful voting, I have ever seen, they selected the independent most likely to look after their electorate, asylum seekers, climate change, civil liberties and decency. For years, these same citizens felt Turnbull would eventually be able turn the Liberal towards more humane policies. His political assassination by the Dutton and Morrison camps is what invigorated the Wentworthians. They saw for the first time that permanent detention in offshore internment camps was no longer a nightmare it was the everyday face of the Liberal Party.