Banking on a scandal a day.

Every day when the Banking Royal Commission reveals another despicable act carried out by the major banks, mortgage brokers and other financial institutions I try to remember all the excuses that that the oh so honourable ex-merchant banker Malignant Turnbull put up for not having a banking enquiry.

Whenever I find myself shocked or alarmingly surprised by duplicity, audacity and barefaced robbery which these financial high flyers got up to on a daily basis I remember Kelly O’Dwyer’s constant assurances that all was in hand.

Every time it is revealed that CommInsure (a wholly owned subsidiary of the Commonwealth Bank) drove another person to suicide or refused to pay out to people (or their dependents) who had suffered totally debilitating injuries, I remember taking my Commonwealth Piggy Bank and steel grey passbook down to the local branch which was then owned by the Commonwealth Government and staffed by hard working honest tellers.

I am starting to believe that the Coalition Government and their crony capitalist mates have conspired with the financial mafia to pervert the course of justice in order to pocket a few more shekels for themselves.

There may well be another explanation that does not require pigs to levitate. If so, I would like to hear it.

written 19/3/18