“Barnaby is the greatest retail politician of our time”

Yes some (unforgettable) person said that. So, I started wondering how it could be the case. Then I remembered, that just like Scumbag and Co, he is a good coal and shale gas salesperson.

Like many good marketers and sales people, he frequently has only a tenuous grasp on reality and suffers inflated opinions of his good self. This morning he announced that because the temporary leader of the Nationals couldn’t cut through he’d reluctantly have to take his old position back.

If he once again becomes Deputy Prime Minister, he intends to despatch Michael McCormack, the current incumbent of the position, to become Ambassador to the Saudi Embassy in Ankara, where I have it on good authority they know how to cut through as well as where the bodies are buried. Barnaby tells me that at the moment McCormack couldn’t poke a bull in the bum with a big stick.

It is great to see Barnaby back in the saddle once more and just in time for Wentworth. If he can keep his fly done up he should be a shoe in so long as he doesn’t open his mouth.