Our best defence is moral cowardice: Climbing the Defence Department greasy pole.

Well, wouldn’t you know it Angus Campbell fresh from pushing back overcrowded asylum seeker boats and transporting asylum seekers and refugees to Manus and Nauru where they are murdered, suicided or slowly driven mad. He has been appointed by the Prime Miniscule Allbull to be Australia’s next Head of Defence. Famous for not discussing on water matters, he will now be in a position where he’d be able to not discuss on land matters, in air matters, on water matters, underwater matters and in space matters.

From the special forces thuggery, to arse licking Morrison and Tony Abbott he is now bestie with Allbull. He supervised our killing in Afghanstan. For a while he was a spy in the Prime Ministers Department. He was promoted to Leiutenant General to run Abbott’s Sovereign Boarders Operation.

We know he can cover up dirty secrets, dud deals, and political incompetence and evil doing. But surely what is needed at the Head of Defence Services is not a sycophant but rather a person with huge moral and ethical courage. But like elsewhere in Strayan life such people are in short supply.

written 17/4/18