It’s called progress – stupid

The staggered sea of ringbarked gums
all silent to the moon
the horror of a million fish
in a chain of stagnant pools.
First Murray Cod and Yellow Belly,
Bony Bream and Silver Perch
and even the ever-present Carp
a decaying sight that’s smelly.
There are dying Eel-tailed Jew,
a mass of smaller vertebrates,
and unseen zooplankton
whilst politicians lie anew.
Barnaby and Littleproud
have jigged the rules.
Aborigines have no say, and
they play the rest of us for fools.
Rich cotton farmers smiling
water stolen by day and night
Niall Blair turned a blind eye
keeping all of this from sight.
They say there nothing to it
it’s all due to the drought
just pray for rain you idiots, but
their snouts are in the trough.
The battlers on the river
who have played by the rules
see their lives diminished
by a bunch of rapacious fools.
It’s climate change and not paying heed
a grab for unearned wealth.
Yes, capitalist agribusiness
has but one name – it’s greed.