Child of Krakatoa

I say to Joko Widodo you can lie to the press
you can keep international observers at bay
you can bomb West Papuans with white phosphorous
you can strafe their villages from the air
you can send Kopassus to murder
you can arrest all those who raise the Morning Star
your troops can burn villages, rape women
you can send your surplus Javanese to West Papua
to displace the Nduga from their mountain homes
you can extract untold wealth from Freeport.

Yes, you can lie to the press
you can lie to the United Nations
you may even lie to your deity
but you cannot lie to Nature
the Child of Krakatoa has answered
your crimes against humanity.

written 2018 inspired in part by John Martinkus and Mark Davis article in The Saturday Paper 22/12/18 – “Chemical¬†weapons dropped on West Papua.”