Dan Knuckle-dragger Tehan Minister for Miseducation

Today Morrison’s apology for a minister of education, one Dan Tehan, announced that in future all researchers applying for federal funding grants would need to show that their research was in the national interest. This Victorian village idiot seems to assume that there can only be one national interest. He also seems to assume that he, the Minister, can determine that national interest in a way which is superior to the Australian Research Council.

All research is built on the back of previous thinking, whether it aims to support or extend or to demolish earlier thinking. Few people, if any, are in a position to know and understand the basis of the breath of research topics considered by the Research Council each year. For Tehan, with his limited education, to assume that he is well placed to assess each and every research proposal that comes across his desk beggars belief.

Such magical thinking is usually associated with those experiencing acute psychotic or severe neurotic mental illness. In Tehan’s case I don’t think that this is the case; rather it is the result of extreme ignorance combined with an ideological obsession associated with culture wars warriors.

Tehan is still dithering about what he should do about Morrison’s promise, made during the Wentworth by election, to end the right of  “religious” schools to cast out from their mist enrolled children who fail to continue to adhere to the particular sexual beliefs held by the head teacher or the board. He presumably still holds steadfast to views about stoning those who commit adultery, so Barnaby had better watch out.