A day on the way to a khaki* election

The leading fascist law officer of the Turdbull government, un-Christain Porter, has decided to expose some of the unconscionable acts carried out by spooks acting for the John Winston Coward’s government. Porter has decided, presumably on the advice of Malcolm Turdbull, of ex-Spy Catcher fame, to charge the former head of Australian Secret Intelligence Service’s technical operations unit (ASIS), publically known by the pseudonym Witness K, and his lawyer Bernard Collaery, an erstwhile Attorney General of the ACT, with counter terrorism offences.

Witness K and Collaery are alleged to have informed the East Timorese Government that that ASIS operatives in 2004 acting on instructions from the Australian Government, placed surveillance equipment into the Cabinet Room of the East Timorese Government in order to eardrop on Timorese Cabinet deliberations. Australia and East Timor governments were, at the time, negotiating a royalty sharing agreement on income from Timor Sea oil sales.

Now I don’t know how one is supposed to communicate with a neo-liberal government minister who purports to be the highest law officer in the land particularly when their head is so far up their fundamental orifice that their only chance of seeing the sun is when they yawn – but I’ll try. If you communicate something to a person or entity already in the possession of that same knowledge you have hardly disclosed a secret. The East Timorese Government knew they were being bugged by Australian spooks in 2004. The negotiations about oil royalties had been completed long before Collaery, acting in his capacity as lawyer, was in a position to inform the Timorese what had taken place. The bugs had long been removed.

The Australian Government had the Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation (ASIO, the onshore spy agency) and the Federal Police raid Bernard Collaery’s Canberra Offices seizing his files after East Timor took Australia to the Permanent Court of Arbitration of the International Law of the Sea, in the Hague, in relation disputed Maritime boundaries between Australia and East Timor. That raid was covered in all major Australian and East Timorese Newspapers at the time, details of the Australian bugging of the East Timor Cabinet room and the fact that Witness K had been refused a passport to travel to the Hague were disclosed at the time of the raid nearly 5 years ago in December 2013.

This leads to the question of why charge these two men now? The reason, unsurprisingly, has next to nothing to do with Collaery, Witness K, East Timor Sea oil royalties, and so forth. It is about other dastardly acts committed by ASIS and other Australian paid spooks on instruction by the Coward, Rabbott and Turdbull governments. Such acts include partly disabling people smuggling boats which subsequently sank killing hundreds of asylum seekers. It is also about silencing Australian naval personnel who have been instructed to turn back boats at sea. It is presumably also about silencing those officers monitoring satellite and airborne planes who have reported boats carrying asylum seekers in difficulty, whose plight they have been instructed, by higher ranking officers and politicians, to ignore.

The last thing the Turdbull government needs is an outbreak of truth telling from amongst the ranks of Benito Glutton’s Home Affairs Borderfarce agency, or ASIS or ASIO operatives finding their conscience, or sailors who have seen the faces of desperate asylum seekers close-up wanting to tell their story. So, the election will need to be run on the imminent threat of terrorism, new submarines, new warships, Chinese imperialism in the Pacific, new planes which haven’t learnt to fly yet, new uniforms for the troops and the need to keep our offshore gulags in place to deter asylum seekers. In a word: a Khaki election.

*Pronounced cacky as in gives one the runs.