Demos devils

Eric Abetz wants to protect the delicate flower of democracy
from the marauding mob of greenyleftistgetup activists
and from naughtymr.billyshortenfollowing  recidivists
and from those who aren’t coal burning lobbyists.

Donald Trump says the Saudis are murderesses
who wear kind of funny hats and dresses
but they have a lot of very lovely oil
which could grease the wheels of industry
and lubricate the palms of ignominy
and sing in praise of the psalms of idolatry
so, we can’t ignore their need for weaponry.
They are helping spread malnutrition in the Yemen
killing women, men and often children.
So, we must support them in coalition against Iran
to do otherwise, says the pussy grabber in chief,
would be an act beyond belief and would no doubt end in grief.