Dutton on white South African farmers

If there is anyone left in Australia who does not believe that ex-Queensland copper and now Minister for Home Affairs (which incorporates Immigration) is not a blatant racist, then surely his latest plan to fast track immigration of white South African farmers to Australia should convince them of his racist pedigreed. Not surprisingly, Dutton has been supported by his fellow fascist, Minister for Trade, Steve Ciobo.

Dutton cites the fact that South African farmers could lose their land under plans by the African National Congress’ South African Government. The ANC claims it aims to acquire land owned by white farmers that is currently not being used. Undeterred Dutton and Co push on claiming that white farmers are losing their land, are being attacked and some have been raped. This may well be true. The number of farmers, white and black, killed in the first 2 months of this year is approximately 9.

Dutton is in charge of nearly 2,000 asylum seeker and refugees who have sought our protection after arriving by boat whom he incarcerates on Manus and Nauru. They have been locked up for 4 years. Many are Rohingya who fled Myanmar. Over 650,000 Rohingya are sheltering in refugee camps around Cox’s Bazar. Late last year, they fled Myanmar after the Army and Buddhist militia burnt their villages, raped many and murdered others.

Dutton’s research backed up by Ciobo’s rumours would seem to suggest that the Rohingya are not white. Who said the White Australia Policy has been replaced by a truly multicultural immigration policy.  Whist the Liberals remain in power racism and fascism remains the order of the day.

written 15/3/2018