Electoral Sloganeering

I asked Scott Morrison what his electoral slogan was going to be in 2019. He replied, “Lightening the load”.

I was more than a little bemused, which he, because he is such an insightful, sensitive person instinctively picked-up. He explained that his background was in advertising, but this still did not turn on any lights for me until he explained the slogan contained a subliminal message.

“You mean to convey to ordinary working people that they are shouldering too much of the burden and that you intend to make big business leaders pick up more of the tab?” I blurted out.

Smiling, with that endearing small sneer around the corners of his mouth, he reached out and rumpled my neatly combed hair and assured me that the subliminal message was intended only for building contractors. I was flummoxed.

“It is a secret message to them to weaken the entrances to hospitals and health care centres to ensure it is quite risky for the sick and the elderly to attempt to enter to seek medical assistance.” He replied.

“But how does that lighten the load?” I enquired.

“It substantially decreases Commonwealth health costs and allows us to balance the budget years before a wasteful Labor Government could.” He informed me.