Joining the failed Nationals in Parliament

With Barnaby now scowling in ‘cockies corner
it would be wise to remember
that he made his name as a floor crosser
only to end up being viewed: a tosser.

Then there is Nigel Scullion of the NT
he is Minister for the Indigene
whose interest was not piqued
by warders teargassing kids in Don Dale.
You can count on him without fail
to act in the interests of white thugs
pull the wings off butterflies and bugs.
When I ask about closing the gap
he just tells me to shut my trap.
So, I ask about Invasion Day
and he tells me that come what may
that Australia Day is here to stay
and if I don’t like it I can go away;
“piss off” was his exact expression.

Written 7/3/2018, thanks Paul Bongiorno