The Liberal Party meets the Grim Reaper

I saw them cantering, cantering towards their pledges
we saw them galloping, galloping over mountain ledges
I asked Scott Morrison how it looked on paper
he said he was cantering, cantering on the way –
on the way to meet his Maker.

But only weeks ago he and Josh had told me
that they were clever movers and shakers
not climate change deniers or global warming fakers.

I asked about the National Energy Guarantee
they said they were going to bring down prices
and keep the lights on which would suit everyone to a tee.
I asked about global warming and increased storming
and carbon pollution – was there a solution?

Scott leant over and whispered
“Do not mention the War
because if you do I’ll get sore.”
I asked “What war?????”
Josh shouted “The war against the poor.”
and then grinning, assured me they were winning,
but cautioned that they did not like to boast –
not, that is, until the electoral victory toast.