Morrison declares support for two State solution.

Campaigning in Wentworth, the Liberal’s temporary PM, Scumbag Morrison, declared support for a two State solution in the Middle East. He wants to move Australia’s Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and as a quid pro quo he wants to move the Palestinian Authority’s headquarters from Canberra to Antarctica.

Morrison said he would be prepared to bring all of our captives from Manus and Nauru to Australia provided they could prove they were forced on to people smuggler boats at gun point, had never had impure thoughts and could establish they were British nationals.

The temporary PM today announced that he is intending to bring back stoning for any teacher in a religious school who is not 100% heterosexual, has ever committed adultery, blasphemed, or has deviated from the path of righteousness.

Morrison admitted that he blamed Pauline Hansen for causing the Liberal and National senators to be in two minds about what it is OK to be and for creating an administrative error which caused them to vote in support of a motion denigrating all tinted people.