Morrison speak

Have a go
and get a go
ho, ho, ho, ho.
Liberals want to get a head
don’t know why
when they’re brain dead.
Whilst workers toiled
Liberal’s climate frog
has truly boiled.
Liberals speak in tongues
like gargoyled nuns.
Promises broken
lies are spoken
on toxic fumes
the poor are choaken.
Bosses worship wealth
steal by stealth
as profits rise
it’s no surprise
that workers share
ends in despair.
Widows get a grudging mite
the unemployed are kept from sight
and Liberals pretend there is no slight.
Liberals jail kids on Nauru
and feed them on a bitter stew
“They’ll not come here” says Dutton’s crew
for them there is no world anew.
And it’s the same on Manus too
no hope no pride and no review.
Voter soon must all decide
if they will let the Liberals ride.
It is a government on the nose
and there is a hope, I suppose
that we’ll decide they have no class
and give them a kick right up the arse.