The New Boer War

Come on Comrades rally round
we’ve got our feet planted
firmly on the ground.
We’ve come so far since
the old Boer War
when rounded up the boer
and put them in concentration camps
raped their women, shot their kids.

Now we march behind
a scowling Dutton
wearing the black shirts of Borderfarce.
We now love Afrikaans farmers
we’ll even kiss their arse
if Peter the glutton
tells us to
it’s good to learn a trick or two
when Dutton tells us what to do.

Though we don’t like queue jumpers
and there are 700,000 Rohingya at the front,
we’ll have to open the back door.
Now, is the time to even the score
to save the lonely, frightened boer.

written 24/3/18

first published New Community Quarterly, Vol.16, N0. 1, Issue 61, 2018, p.68