In praise of Liberal Ignoramuses


They are fine outstanding people
who having heard a rumour
are keen to expose the young women
in naughty Mr Billy Shorten’s office.
It is the least you could expect
from a woman who was
recently Minister for Women
in the Turnbull Government.

Then you have the Finance Minister,
all the way from Belgium,
trying to convince us that
corporate tax cuts are the path
to “Jobs and Growth”.
Or was it that the village idiot
Jobson Growth is the path
to corporate tax cuts.
Which of course guarantees
workers get huge wage rises
and live happily ever after.

After that comes the Dutton
Minister for deporting New Zealanders,
torturing children,
driving asylum seekers mad,
detaining people in off-shore camps,
and leading a phalange of Black Shirts
on a rampage of indifference.

Could we forget Scumbag Morrison
our treasured Treasurer
who as immigration Minister
told ASIO to refrain from
processing asylum seekers
in order to deny them justice.
Morrison claims to be a Christian
but I can’t believe that
Jesus would want him as a follower.

Finally, there is un-Christian Porter
fresh from robo-debting and
work-for-the-doling unemployed
who has now become our finest
Attorney General following Brandis
intent upon jailing those of us
who would expose corruption,
shine a light on malfeasance
or work to end our military adventurism
in countries overseas.

Written 5/3/2018

first published New Community Quarterly, Vol.16, N0. 1, Issue 61, 2018, p.68