Dear Comrades and fellow travellers

Thank you for removing the Turdbull Government in my absence. I should go away more often.

Ben Eltham in New Matilda writes: “Malcolm Turnbull made Australia less fair, and more unequal. In economic terms, his signature policies were a series of tax cuts, most of which accrued to big business and wealthy individuals. There is little to be said for these as genuine reforms. They will not make Australia’s economy more competitive, or improve productivity or innovation. They will rapidly increase wealth and income inequality. Skewed markedly towards the top 20 per cent, they will allow the rich to get richer, but leave the lower-middle classes no better off.

The tax cuts will, however, blow a big hole in future federal budgets subtracting tens of billions a year from government revenues. Most remarkably of all, the tax cuts were implemented while the budget was still in deficit. So much for the budget emergency.

In social policy, Turnbull was similarly regressive. It’s true he wasn’t quite a slash-and-burn hacker in the same mould as Abbott and Hockey; with Morrison as Treasurer, government spending has actually been increasing. But most of this spending is going to Defence and national security, while many aspects of the welfare safety net are being starved. Health and education spending are well down on their levels as a share of GDP when Labor left office; $2.2 billion has been cut from universities, billions more from hospitals and schools.”

Scumbag Morrison our new leader of the Liberal Party has appointed Tony Abbott as some sort of phony ambassador to Indigenous Australians and the Indigenous community claims that Abbott put them back 30 years with his $500 million cut to health and community services to the Indigenous community in his first Joe Hockey budget.

Everyone seems relieved that Peter the glutton Dutton missed out on becoming Leader of the Liberals. Given his office of profit under the crown with his child care centres and the obvious conflict with sections of Section 44 of the constitution it might have been very interesting. Seems if you need a foreign au pairto look after your kids Peter is the go to man. Some wit suggested to Fran Kelly on today’s ABC Breakfast that it would appear that he has added the Nanny State to his other ministerial portfolios.

Seems like the leaking from Border Farce officers about Peter’s indiscrete usage of his ministerial responsibilities to do favours for his friends and the rich generally is about to move from a trickle to a deluge according to Michelle Gratham.  “Après moi le déluge” of King Louis XV of France style. Although, I thought Dutton was under the impression he was Napoleon.

The Catholic Bishops have decided they have to keep the secrets of the confessional to themselves leaving me to wonder what they have to hide.

Whilst I was sojourning and during the run up to Malcolm of Point Piper’s final demise I saw a photo of Bill Shorten and Tanya Plibersek who were looking like a honeymoon couple laughing so hard I thought they might wet themselves.

Anyway, it is nice to be back in Straya the Coup Capital of the world.