Roll up, roll up and see the show. Three dead peons in a row.

In the last 7 days we have seen three Morrison ministers go belly up. Minister for Finance and Denying the Need for a Royal Commission into Banking, Kelly O’Dwyer, Minister for Inhumane Human Services, Michael Keenan, and Nigel Scullion, Minister for not having his Interest piqued by Guards Tear Gassing Aboriginal Kids in Don Dale Prison.

These three miscreants go some way to establishing Tomlinson’s Law, which says that dead fish and excrement float, at least in the short term. Scullion road to fame when he presided over a $500 million cut to Aboriginal agencies in the first Abbott/Hockey Budget. Keenan had ministerial responsibilities for introducing a swag of unnecessary legislative amendments to our repressive police state arrangements. O’Dwyer is a typical young Liberal obsessed by the fear that the working class might get a fair’s day pay for a fair day’s work; she is probably not much worse than the bulk of neoliberal followers.

What does the impending demise of these three wasteofspacers herald, portend, presage, forebode, imply? Could it be a harbinger of even more ills likely to descend upon this moribund Coalition Government? Is it a sign that the greatest retail politician of our time has run out of things to hock? Is he about to admit to his part in devastating the Darling River by over-harvesting, turning a blind eye to the theft of water by his big cotton growing irrigators, hastening climate warming by promoting coal miners like Adani and the beautiful Gina and general ecotage?

Perhaps I am jumping the gun. Others in this cruel and corrupt government might want to get in first with their confessions. Scott Morrison and Peter Dutton could be intending to seek absolution for their blatant racism and excessive cruelty directed towards those incarcerated in offshore prison islands for daring to presume on Australia’s humanity. Christopher Pyne might seek to explain his part in promoting war crimes in Yemen by supplying the Saudis.

There are so many of them who might wish to come forward and admit to crimes of omission or commission or for just receiving money under the false pretence of pretending to be competent. Melissa Price does not need to worry on this account she has never shown any desire or capacity in this regard. I don’t know what to suggest, I can see as far as the corner but not round it.