Running scared

Morrison and his fearful paranoid bunch are running scared.
Parliamentarians elected by the people are closing in,
They are closing in on the perverts who want to continue to,
to continue to promote intolerance and religious persecution.
The cross-bench is angry that the refugees are incarcerated
on offshore gulags where they are being driven mad by isolation,
mental anguish, torpid surroundings and indifference to their plight.
Morrison says he’ll close down parliament rather than face debate.

Where do the Liberals think they can hide?
Don’t they ask why we’re not on their side?
Why they are right and we are wrong?
Just a pathetic sight and we are strong?
They claim they’re protecting law and order
do they think they can get away with murder?
We will win out there’ll be no surrender
then we will cast the Liberals asunder.