Scott Morrison turns citizenship ceremonies into a farce.

Australia day hasn’t always been on the 26thJanuary. For many years we did not even have an Australia Day. The flag which Scott and Ten Flags Tony are so fond of wrapping themselves in hasn’t always been the Australian flag. Our national anthem has not always been “Advance Straya Somewhere” it used to be “God save the British monarch”.

It used to be that the institutions which defined our nation were allowed to evolve in some sort of organic process. But these days of Border Farce Black Shirts run by Benito Dutton where the art of citizenship stripping and deportation has reached new heights anything goes. Morrison has plans to enforce dress codes for shitenship ceremonies and city councils who don’t meet every federal government Stalinist dictate as to when and on what date shitenship ceremonies are held have had their right to welcome new citizens revoked.

Too many of us breathed a sigh of relief when the present incumbent seized the leadership of the ill-Liberal Party from the jaws of Benito. Yes, he was an advertising man, an evangelical buffoon but none thought he’d drag his psalm singing sanctimonious persona into every aspect of his government’s diatribe.

Morrison’s fixation with celebration of Australia Day on the anniversary of the day that the British began their invasion of Terra Australis or South land is an enigma . The first accurate maps of parts of the Australian continent began to appear in Europe in the second decade of the 17thCentury. The Poms did not attempt to set up a colony here until a century and a half later.

Whatever relevance Governor Phillips’ arriving in New South Wales has for those who now live in that State, it has very little significance for the educated in other parts of Straya. Of course, explaining that to the yobbos of Cronulla or St Kilda might be a big stretch. Whatever else Morrison can be accused of, he is not a Sydney centric. So, there must be another explanation for his ardent advocacy of the 26thas the national day.

Clearly, he understands that having the national day on the anniversary of the start of the invasion is offensive to a significant section of Indigenous society. Is his form of Christianity one which would happily alienate many who trace their ancestry back to the original owners of this country? Or is he just indifferent to their feelings, which seems a more likely explanation. If so, one needs to ask what drives such indifference. This leaves me to conclude that this son of a copper is deeply racist.

I have a suggestion for changing the national day to a date which should offend no one yet inspire us all to look forward to the future. That date should be the last day in November, which many of you will immediately recognise, as the day tens of thousands of young Australians walked out of schools around the country. They defied Morrison and Co to campaign for action to end carbon pollution and ease climate change. This date is pertinent because as I write an unprecedented spell of warm temperatures is sweeping through Southern Australia.