A Short list of Intellectual Giants of Australia.

When confronted by Dr Charlie Vernon, Australia’s foremost authority on Corals, who said that a combination of climate change and salinisation would destroy the Great Barrier Reef in a decade or two unless the world stopped burning carbon at the existing rate and kept rising sea temperatures under control. Our Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, said “It was pessimism which was killing the reef”.

Our previous Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, said we should continue to celebrate Australia Day on the 26th January. This was the day on which the British landed to set up their prison colony in 1788. Abbott said that “on balance the arrival of the British was a good thing for Indigenous Australians”. I don’t know what he’s taking but it seems that it obliterates This Whispering in our Hearts that Professor Henry Reynolds wrote about.

These two intellectual giants, Abbott and Turnbull, made their pronouncements on the one day makes ya proud to be a Strayan don’t it. The Liberal Party should seek out and jail pessimism for hurting the Reef; and import more British soldiers and convicts to restart the frontier wars.