Slime bags, money bags and Victorian incompetents

Alan Tudge is minister for citizenship and multicultural affairs in the Turdbull Government, his other disability is that he is a Victorian. He wants to enforce a values statement on those seeking Australian citizenship. When asked what would be included he told Patricia Karvelas that it would need to reflect the values held by Australians but failed to be forthcoming as to what they might be.

In order to assist this poor benighted Turdbull assistant I have reflected upon the history of this country since the invasion, dispossession and genocide inflicted on the original owners of this land. I have considered the extensive species extinction we have engaged in during the last 230 years. I also reviewed our kowtowing to our colonial masters, our excessive machismo culture, our perpetual stealing of Indigenous children for most of the 19thand 20thcenturies. The cover-up of sexual abuse of children in our state and church run institutions, I thought about. Our excessive glorification of money and wealth, our continuing propensity to separate Indigenous children from the Indigenous community was not over looked. I paid due attention to our preparedness to incarcerate asylum seekers, both adult and children, in offshore gulags. Our readiness to invade other countries and our lack of intellectual rigour was thought about. The widespread authoritarianism, often bordering on fascism, which is prevalent here was an important focus.

I now think I am in a possession to help Tudge draw up a list of Australian values which adequately reflect those attitudes that a majority of powerful Australians hold.

But I am at a loss to understand why any decent person would ask people, wanting to become citizens, to commit themselves to up hold such perversions of humanity and decency – perhaps I’m just not up to the job.