Some reflections on Muppetville

Mike Carlton, anticipating the Wagga by-election and with a bit of luck the March 2019 NSW State election, wrote “The train from Rome to Naples does the journey at 300 kilometres an hour. In Sydney, our politicians can’t run a tram down George St.” The Washington Post reported that in Sodankyla, Finland, 100 kilometres North of the Arctic Circle registered 32 degrees Celsius this summer and the Clowns in the Liberal and National Parties voted to bring down a prime minister who wanted to limit the amount of CO2 we pump into the atmosphere. The Great Barrier Reef in the Northern reaches is 40-50% bleached and bleaching of the coral is occurring to a depth of 40 metres.

Stephen Murray writing in the Saturday Paper 4-10 August p.3 points out that the Liberals have set out to gut the Administrative Appeals Tribunal noting that Dutton is using the sweeping powers given to him in the 2014 revision of the Migration Act to overturn or bypass the AAT. “These changes saw a huge increase in visa cancellations from 84 in 2013 to 584 in 2014-15. In 2016-17, that jumped again to 1284.” The Liberals still argue that the Rule of Law is what governs our society.

On 26ThAugust Richard Ackland wrote “Gadfly speaks for many when he says that for a long time he has been longing for a saviour of the calibre of Peter Dutton. What he lacks in charm, charisma and intellect, Benito makes up for in negatively geared property accumulation, government subsidised child care enterprises and the wafting allure of visas for mystery au pairs.”

The Liberals and Nations haven’t forgotten the Indigenous people of this country. They are planning to expand the system of cashless welfare cards which dictates that 50% of the assistance can only be spent on approved purchases at approved stores. They are continuing with this policy in the face of overwhelming evidence that the cashless welfare system has no effect on alcohol abuse and violence in remote Indigenous communities and equally compelling evidence that it denigrates the recipients of the cashless system.

It is often said that we get the government we deserve. Well, I don’t know what dreadful things some of my fellow Australians have done but whatever it was it must have been extremely disgusting. Those of you who are, like me, pure of heart don’t deserve this Coalition Government’s collective punishment of us. We should be allowed to enter a parallel universe until after the next election.