Sun of Jesus

I ‘ve seen the followers of Jesus
but not the son of God
never stood on the rock of ages
that a million feet have trod.

I’ve not gained the understanding
of the wise or of the odd
and now I’ve come to question
if there really is a god.

Our own first people we invaded
we’ve slaughtered and we’ve genocided
we stole women, children and their land
today, many we jailed – we’ve suicided.

We don’t reflect upon the Spanish in the Americas
or the deaths of 8 million in the Belgium Congo
carried out by King Leopold – a Christian?
We just suggest he was another bloody drongo?

I saw the vicious preacher
who never spared the rod
molesting many children
first a wink and then a nod.

I watched the bankrupt farmer
till the dry loam and the sod
sighed, as the banks foreclosed
because Mammon was their god.

Here there is no good Samaritan
our footpaths wide and clear
we let the homeless lie there
but we don’t go very near.

I’ve worshipped the Virgin Mary
and prayed to the son of God
I’ve agonised and proselyted
throughout my adulthood.

We’ve closed our hearts and hid our eyes
turned back refugees on angry seas
closed our ears to frightened fears –
blocked our ears to desperate pleas.

Ignored rape and genocide in Darfur
by Sudanese Muslim exterminators.
Ignored the rights of animist’ herders
and pretended they were agitators.

We said the ravaged libraries of Timbuktu
was caused by savage Muslim fundamentalists
we blamed Al Quaeda in the Islamic Maghreb
at least, we knew – they were not sentimentalists.

Jewish settlers bulldozed Palestinian homes.
Hamas activists fire homemade rockets into Israel.
Israeli troops fire live rounds at unarmed children.
Jewish leaders say jailing Palestinians is trivial.

A young attractive Saudi woman
who had changed her god
was nearly sent back to Riyadh
until Thailand understood.

But 700,000 Rohingya
are stranded in Cox’s Bazar
driven out by a Buddhist military
from their homes in Myanmar.

I’ve seen the Muslim Taliban
smash temples at Bamiyan
I’ve watched Sri Lankan Buddhists
Murder Tamils, child and man.

I’ve seen the world’s indifference
to those in greatest plight
and wondered why we never try
just for once, to do what’s right.