Today is the day of the bye-election in Wentworth

With a bit of luck, we might see Karen Phelps come in second behind the Liberal candidate Dave Sharma. Temporary Liberal leader, Scott Morrison who used to be CEO of Tourism Australia, until the board got bored with him, sent the former Prime Minister and previous member for Wentworth, a “Where the bloody hell are you” message.

Morrison, personally blames Karen Phelps for causing uncertainty in coalition ranks. The Liberals once could take Wentworth for granted, but naughty Dr Karen Phelps has swept all that certainty away. She is even threatening to look at the substance of no confidence motions against these miscreants off public office before she votes.

The Council of the Ageing has asked Pauline Hanson to put a new motion to the Senate saying “It’s ok to be gray.” Barnaby is celebrating his forth coming comeback from the unintended consequences of impersonating a bishop in his recent laying on of hands and kiss my ring fiascos.

“Well now is the hour that we must say goodbye” to the Liberals in Wentworth. They held the seat since its inception so it is with tears in our hearts and grins on our faces that we sing:

“Bye, Bye to whisky and rye
this will be the day that I die
watching Liberal operatives lie
seeing Greens getting high
and Labor marching by
drinking whisky and rye
watching Morrison cry
this will be the day that I die.”

Written 20/10/18