Trumponomics revealed for what it is.

For some time, disillusioned white Americans living in Trumpville have been revelling in the crass phenomena which the Donald has inflicted on the USA. Unemployment has been low and low paying Macjobs have proliferated. Immigrants, legal and undocumented, have been abused. Asylum seeker families have been split-up with children often housed thousands of miles from their parents.

The caravan of asylum seekers has been denigrated and stopped from entering the USA at the Mexican border. People of colour have been demonised. Trump constantly tweets about the need for a great big wall to save the population from a southern invasion.

Health and social security have been undermined in order to provide massive tax cuts to the richest. All the while, poorly educated white folks have cheered on the village idiot. Those adults in the White house have been leaving in droves. The criminality of the Donald and his close associates has been exposed by the Mueller Inquiry into Trump’s links with Russia. His dastardly personal relationships have been revealed. Throughout all this, many rich and poor Americans believed the crap that he was making “America great again” and that his economic theories would save the day.

However, The Standard and Poor’s 500 Index is lurching towards its largest December decline since the 1930’s Depression; other countries have also been affected by the share price down turn.

Australia and New Zealand have not been as affected as much because their biggest trading partner is China. Still, there is little room for complacency because of Trump’s attack on free trade and his excessive tariffs imposed on Chinese exports. In addition to his economic isolationism, he has unilaterally imposed sanctions on Iran, and generally treated allies with contempt.

All his might not matter much if it wasn’t for his abysmal ignorance or thoughtlessness about climate change. If nothing else his promotion of existing carbon burning economics is probably his most disastrous policy which will bring ecocide in its wake, unless ended. We have reached such a state of farce that many comedians have resorted to satire to mock the President of the US. One example of this was when it was suggested on the ABC’s Mock the Week that America should distribute, to its citizens, its vast reserves of cheese as a way of making America grate again.