The US may have Trump but we have Dutton.

Just when Scott Morrison thought it was safe to get back in the water, Peter Dutton, Minister for Home Affairs, rose from the ashes of his ill-fated attempt to replace Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull with his good self. The Department of Home Affairs has responsibility for national security, federal law enforcement, border protection, emergency management, cyber security and critical infrastructure.

Dutton is the Russell Hinze of the Federal Liberal Party. The taint of corruption still hangs in the air when the name Hinze, colloquially known, in Queensland at the time, as the Minister for everything, is raised. He was one of the heavies in the corrupt Bjelke Petersen, National Party government. Hinze worked hand in glove with the white shoe brigade which grew rich on the proceeds of property speculation in South East Queensland.

Dutton is an ex-Queensland copper who now negatively gears several properties and is probably ineligible to sit in the Parliament because he is likely in breach of Section 44 of the Constitution in relation to receiving an office of profit under the Crown.

Dutton is big on deportation but outstanding on torturing asylum seekers and refugees in offshore concentration camps. He is enamoured of Mussolini style dark uniforms for his Home Affairs storm troopers. He demonstrated his innate racism in the run up to the Victorian state election by suggesting that Melbournians were afraid to dine out at night due to presence of African gangs. His short suit is intellect. He has a deficit of compassion, although he is rumoured to have a passion for au pairs with a desire to work for nothing for long-lost “acquaintances”.

Well just to get into the Christmas spirit, Peter Dutton phoenix like rose from the smouldering ruins of his political career to announce that Malcolm Turnbull was a cad. He claimed that Turnbull was a worse traitor than Kevin Rudd. He pointed out something that few if any political observers had hither to noticed and that was that after the 2016 election there were 15 fewer Coalition Lower House parliamentarians on the conservative side of the House. He surmised that this decline in numbers was entirely due to Turnbull’s failings.

An intelligent person might ask what brought Dutton out of the shadows where he has been hiding with others of the Coalition ilk in order to avoid facing an invigorated Parliament? Why would he hold a press conference so that he could proclaim that Turnbull apart from being a traitor did not have a political bone in his body?

The answer to these questions may well disappoint some; but it is simple. In Queensland police go around in threes: one can read and the other one can write and Peter always liked to hang around with the intellectuals in the force.