In the land of the unknown patriot lived a strange creature. Few knew of it. None recognised it. It only came out of hiding after the final call of the board by the electoral commission.

Because of the lateness of the hour when it appeared most had never seen it. Many assumed it to be a mythical beast and others, who had witnessed widespread mammal extinction and the near demise of Leadbeater’s possum, thought that its survival had lapsed.

Aboriginal people claimed that their ancestors had encountered it in the dream time. They pointed to rock paintings which depicted it.

Remarkably a hardy band refused to accept that it had gone the way of the Dodos. They claimed that it was a tenacious creature that loved humanity and that it would fight to protect the rights of the down-trodden and outcasts from those who promoted greed and indifference to the suffering of others.

Those who worshipped Mammon derided those who claimed this beast continued to exist. Their mantra included such pronouncements as: “Giving money to the poor only encouraged slough and licentiousness”, “Dependency is the result of careless largesse”, “We ‘ll give a go to those who have a go” and “God smiles on those who succeed”.

Finally, after encountering a spate of uncaring pronouncements and acts of extreme cruelty towards vulnerable people thousands of Victoriasaurises awoke from their slumber and destroyed the illegitimate aspirations of those infected with a born to rule mentality.

Never again were the wearers of Burberry trench coats seen to wander into poorer suburbs giving lectures on how people should conduct their lives by controlling their costs of living. Although to this day only rarely does one encounter a person who actually saw a Victoriasauris, there are many who believe they exist.