White House* Carols

Hark Now hear the Donald sing
Glory to the new born King.
Jingle malls, Jangle malls
as I walk through hallowed halls
Stormy’s got me by the balls.
As I read my texts by night
I behold a wondrous sight.
On the first day of Christmas
I gave to me
a naked lady full of glee.
It’s time to laugh at others folly
‘tis the season to be jolly.
Come ye, oh come ye
it is the time to worship me.
Good King Donald he looked down
on the Democrats with a frown
there wasn’t one who’s fit to drown
could I use one as a clown?
Away in a brothel,
no crib for his head
the mighty young Donald
lay down his sweet head.
Three wise men came from the East
they had come to bless Donald
and join in the feast.
So, come you merry gentlemen
let nothing you dismay
You’ve come to praise the Donald
even on this Christmas day.

*These carols are to be sung in the Trump White House, definitely not
by Mary Whitehouse the right-wing morals campaigner.