State of the nation

Malcolm’s right
call it foresight
but there has never been a more exciting time to be an Australian.
Jobsen Groeth, a country oaf, standing by his side
answers to the name of Barn-a-bee
a wannabe from Oonagarlby.

Tax loopholes for the filthy rich
leaving the poor to itch and bitch.

Malcolm leads a mob of climate change deniers
the Reef is safe and coal is good, and they say
they are doing everything they should.
Mangroves aren’t dying in the Gulf
they’re resting – grey,
and going to stay that way
for a very long time.

As for the bleaching of the coral
I demur, I have no quarrel
but Malcolm says it’s lovely, light
it’s nice and bright, a pleasant sight.
They are thinking of calling it
Adani Carmichael white.

The poor don’t need welfare
they don’t need housing
they need discipline
and to learn to respect their betters.
Those who are the real go-getters
those who are doing fine
those who own the mine
not those choking on black lung disease.

So to the denizens I say
go tug your forelock
smile and pose for selfies with the Liberals
cheer as they drive by
you had your chance to vote them out –
you blew it.

Written just after the 2016 election.