Jumping at gay shadows

First published  Green Left Weekly, 7th July 2004 p.22

The budget couldn’t fudge it,
the war has left our senses dazed;
and his welfare policies
are dredged from ancient days.
Destroying health by stealth,
robbing families blind;
those who want to vote for him
must be out of their tiny mind.
The Timorese are struggling,
enduring relentless toil,
a dollar a day is their average pay,
and yet he steals their oil.
He detains the children,
which shocks the world it’s said,
he covers up the SIEV X
ignoring the hundreds dead.
Indigenous health is a scandal,
it shames this mighty land,
he won’t say he’s sorry,
he just doesn’t understand.
Now it’s gay marriage,
the shadow on the wall,
he’ll use a sledge to drive the wedge
I hope it leads to his downfall.