An open letter to Campbell Newman

Your new laws applying to members of bike gangs are counter productive. They will not make Queensland a more peaceful place. Locking people up 23 hours a day in solitary is going to do nothing to make Queensland a more peaceful state. It will just turn prison guards into torturers and will make the gang members more violent.

The sad thing is that the gang members and the guards will turn on each other or their partners or other vulnerable people. Franz Fannon wrote about this closed circle of violence in his book The Wretched of the Earth.  If gang members decided instead to shoot the crap out of members of your government I wouldn’t mind.

You’ll start this inane tough-on-crime strategy by directing it towards those you choose to call “outlaw bikie gang members” but eventually it will be imposed on many other categories of people. I’m glad I no longer live in your fascist state.

Dr John Tomlinson

NSW  16/10/13