May every Israeli soldier die a slow and painful death,
may this day bring Zionism’s final, dying breath.
May Mossad’s Gestapo holocaust in Palestine and Lebanon,
which is shattering the fragile ceasefire,
and imposing its own brand of Nazi style state terrorism
with its US supplied killing technology,
be emasculated by everyone’s common sense.
May the time come when Jewish girls can lie in the arms
of Palestinian men
and Arab women fondle the chests of their Jewish lovers.
May the racism of the Israeli state wither
like the impotent dick of George Bush.
May the children of the Middle East embrace each other
laughing, crying, singing – holding each other in love.
May the bombs and the rockets rain down on those who fire them,
may the people in need be fed and sheltered.
May peace reign and the sun shine in a world united
combined together by brotherly love.
May sisters join hands and dance.
May the tears of the past be a distant memory.
May countries’ borders become like decorated garden borders,
and as insignificant in the scheme of things.
And when people cry may it be the gentle weeping of lovers
whose emotions have overflowed with too much love.

First published Al-Moharer Vol. 246 5/8/2006