They say frigate – I say  frig it

Blue Mountains Union News 26/2/2106

also Brisbane Peace group 26/22016

They are raising our military spending to two per cent of our GDP
they are going to raise the money from the likes of you and me.
They’ll have to cut back pensions and unemployment benefits
they have to cut back education and increase budget deficits.
They’ll have to close some hospitals and sack a thousand doctors
but we will be so happy when we see their brand new helicopters.
They are going to buy twelve submarines and they are getting drones
they’ll be able to kill at will for fun and thrill, I feel it in my bones.
Be empowered to capture asylum seekers and impoverished refugees
to torture them and drive them mad on Islands overseas.
They’ll be able to pollute the skies and stuff up our clean seas
and on the way they’ll guzzle fuel – raising temperatures by degrees.
They are mad of course – it’s sad of course,
they will make everything much worse.