Western fundamentalism 2006-style


Fundamentalists have a

❂ Belief in truth

The Truth

and righteousness

Fundamentalists have a

❂ Bi-polar view of the world


❂ versus


Fundamentalists have a preference for

❂ Revealed


❂ discovered


Fundamentalists have an Intolerance of

❂ ambiguity

❂ confounding ideas

❂ opposition

Their dislike of opposition often leads to

❂ Xenophobia

❂ fear of other


❂ racism

❂ violence

Whilst holders of any particular ideologies

❂ claim their belief system is congruent

❂ presents a consistent explanation

❂ a world view

❂ they often actually hold conflictual even contradictory ideas simultaneously

For example

❂ Migrants are untrustworthy

❂ incompetent

❂ lazy

and therefore

❂ aren’t worth paying award wages to.

❂ Migrants undercut wages

❂ will work for next to nothing

❂ they get rich quick

There is little recognition that in Australia the non-Indigenous population are all migrants

George Mikes, the Hungarian Jewish writer says
a migrant is someone who comes down the gang plank
after you 


Western fundamentalists suggest

Refugees and asylum seekers

❂  are some form of non-human

❂  they don’t have as many rights as dogs and cats in this country

❂  the RSPCA at least takes an interest in such animals’ welfare and does not jail them for having the wrong paper work.

“We will decide who comes to this country and the manner in which they come.”  [Howard at Liberal campaign launch Sydney 2001]

❂  Phillip Adams on Late Night Live 20/2/2002

said the best letter on throwing children over board

and Hollingsworth’s handling of sexual abuse complaints

suggested that……

❂  If Howard had any ethics he would sack Hollingsworth


❂  if Hollingsworth has any ethics he would sack Howard.