World Towers

On the 11th of September 2001, I had been watching videos and drinking red wine. I was about to go to bed, I stopped the video and my TV reverted to the ABC where they reported that a plane had just flown in to the World Towers Building. At first I thought I was watching War of the Worlds 2. After a while I decided that the News broadcast was live and it was really happening. I poured a tumbler of Single Malt and settled down for some serious viewing. Content in the knowledge that at last Americka was paying for what it had been doing to other countries for years. I felt a tremendous elation when the second plane went into the second building. “Got ya you bastards” I was yelling each and every time the overpaid yank television stations showed a new angle on the planes approaching or crashing into the Towers.

About 2.30am I finally lost the compulsion to keep watching to my compulsion to keep drinking and toddled off to bed. I had a nine o’clock Social Policy class. When I walked in the students immediately stopped talking and seemed eager to know how I was going to respond. I knew that an analysis  along the lines of my outbursts of the previous evening would inevitably lead to the university administration having a field day trying to get rid of me.

So I said:

“Yesterday a terrible thing happened. The two millionth person was killed in the War in Sudan. And I think something happened in America.”