The one day of the year (2008)

Written but not published in 2008

They died for us on the beaches of Anzac Cove.
They died during the battle of the Somme.
They perished on the Kokoda track.
They expired in the forests of Long Tan.
They were slaughtered at Passchendaele.
They took their last breath at the siege of Tobruk.
They died in the Charge of the Light Brigade.
They met their maker on the Burma Railway.
In fact, they made the supreme sacrifice for us all over the place.
Simultaneously other countries’ soldiers died for them.
What a marvellous act of synchronisation.
Soldiers, sailors and aircrew died.
They died in planes, ships, trucks and tanks.
Some died running, some walking and some hiding.
Some died bravely, some died fearfully and
some may not have known they were dying.
It seems to me a very inefficient practice.
I suggest that in future every country’s warriors,
immediately they don a uniform- suicide.
That way they can die for us, and
they can do it in the comfort of their own home
and we won’t be up for the cost of battle gear.