A newspaper, a Shi’ite leader and an invader bringing democracy

First published in Union Songs 29/4/2004

also published in Al-Moharer Issue 176 18/5/2004


Collective punishment around Fallujah leaves
hundreds of Iraqi civilians dead
while working class US troops are dying
for the chance to escape poverty.
Is there no better way to peace?
Go Bush, Go. Yes! Just!! Go!!!

How do you intend to impose democracy by closing a newspaper?
Assuming you are trying to assist the Iraqi people to have peace:
do you think it would be better to address inequities, or
to blockade cities and bomb civilians and dissidents into submission?

Why do you think they desecrated your mercenary’s bodies?
They were bored?
Felt the coalition of invaders acts unjustly?
They thought you wouldn’t mind?
They are mindless fanatics who wont mind you imposing collective punishment?


They just felt they needed you to invade their cities to teach them a lesson?
[Yes George this is a multiple-choice exam.]

Do you think that there is any significant difference between:
giving people the chance to freely choose their system of government
and imposing democracy?
Do you think that there is enough oil to feed Iraqis and satiate your greed?
Do you think that by attacking Shi’ite and Sunni communities simultaneously
that you can unite Iraq?
Will all US troops be out of Iraq by 2050?

[George, if you don’t know the answers to these questions,
please get out your crayons and colour in the pictures.]

Go Bush, Go. Yes! Just!! Go!!!