Australia Day 2013

Wave the flag and hide your brain
sing in praise forget their pain
we’ll decide who’s welcome here
and which were those who fled in fear
as for the others – not a tear.

The unemployed and single mums
can sit at home and suck their thumbs
lift themselves by their own boot straps
take the risks and avoid the traps.
It’s their fault he walked out the door
they can’t blame us that they are poor.
Plenty of work for those who make it
can’t be choosy just have to take it.

The Indigenous call it Invasion Day
but why should we care what they say.
We’ve given them the Intervention
even though it caused much apprehension
they should welcome our condescension.

We’re on an economic high
watching the future floating by
exporting carbon by the ton
making money and having fun
it’s like we’re on a fiscal cloud
rich and powerful, justly proud.

We’ve given futures trading a new meaning
that has nothing to do with global greening
it’s more to do with storming, transforming
and totally ignoring global warming.

John Tomlinson & Penny Harrington