Christian Porter’s Centrelink*

You’re 26th in the queue
and we’re ignoring you
we don’t care what you think
for we are Centrelink.

If you’re unemployed or poor
you can wait outside the door
if you drink or have a bet
we will get you yet
we’ll raise a robo-debt
making sure that you regret
annoying us with your woes
piss-off with your sorrows
but do it nice and quiet
and always be polite
or you’ll be in the shite.

Remember don’t be late
never show your hate
it would make us quite irate
and you’ll never wipe the slate.

If your life is in a mess
don’t share your distress
cause we don’t care
about your despair
best, you just disappear.

*Christian Porter was minister for social insecurity and
has now become attorney -general so he’ll be able to do to the rest of us what he has spent his last couple of years doing to the unemployed. He was responsible for Centrelink when it started sending out robo-debt demands for repayments to clients without checking whether they had been over-paid or not.

written 3/1/2018