Coalition of the thrilling

Malcolm Turnbull
is prime minister
now you know that
that’s not sinister.

Don’t want to bore ya
but he was first a lawyer
before he became
a merchant Banker.
As you know it
rhymes with wanker.

He set up a loyal commission
to ignore any omission
and overlook people’s submission.
Cause we must trust the banks
and also praise the Yanks
and buy the army brand new tanks
and the navy submarines
to blow the enemy to smithereens
and the air force needs strike fighters
and fire retardant sly moonlighters.

There won’t be a Royal Commission.
So, please don’t worry bankers
it will just be wind and pissin.
We all know banks do no wrong
because we heard it in a song
so, gather round you mighty throng
and praise the banks for what they do
as they take their profits from me and you.



written 15/1/2018