Don’t tell me

Don’t tell me you were with us
when we dumped the Boston tea.
Don’t say that you supported
Welenska’s Solidarity:
or that you joined the struggle
for East Timor to be free.
Don’t pretend you were with us
in a solid unity.

But there’s still a chance to join us
to fight injustice everywhere,
it’s never too late to join with us
and show that you really care.

Then you can fight to end distress
of all those who are marginalised
of the homeless and the restless
and of those who are despised.

You’ll care about the loneliness
in a cold dank prison cell
where the torture and the beatings
makes life a living hell.

Join the fight for refugees
that they incarcerate
in Woomera and in Headland
help us smash the hate.

We’ll sift amongst the dirt and flies.
Reality, they can’t sanitise,
we’ll find the truth amidst their lies
We wont let them hide brutality.

With Indigenous brothers
and Indigenous sisters too
we’ll struggle for land rights
and health and schools and good jobs too.

Written 2003